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In April Nalanieji travelled to the UK and appeared at the Beltane Bhakti Gathering 2017.
The Beltane Bhakti Gathering is an annual event held at Gillinham in Dorset, UK. 
This short clip gives a taste of the Festival. 
The music is by Bhavana.


Published by Les ‘Anand’ Roberts on May 12,2017
Also Nalanieji taught to the UK Teacher Training group in Janaki’s home in Swindon. 
Photo of Nalanieji, Janaki and the group.

Nalanieji, Anand, Janaki, Paddy visited Richard and Letizia Mason. 
(Featured in the above photo which was taken in London)
Richard spent a lot of personal time with Sri Gurudevaji and used to drive him around the UK. 
Local Teachers also visit the UK
Janaki and 4 of the local teachers also ran a 
Teacher Training Weekend at the ‘Lower Shaw Farm’ also in Swindon.

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