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Featured in the above photos are Janaki, her husband Paddy and Ieva from the UK Sangha who

have kindly sponsored 3 children in Sri Lanka for their education for one year.

SIS would like to thank them for their generosity.

Photo of the first child – Maneesha Kumara Kodithuwakku Kankanamge Pahan
Photo of the second child – Master Eshan Kawishka Jayanath Gajanayaka
Photo of the third child – Master Hasheen Sonal Nalla Handi
Writeup by Mari Bell-Jones
(One of the Directors of RifCom & Shanti’s Sister – 13.07.17)
Fabulous few days in the Rif in Morocco setting up a learning English program for the members of our women’s sewing project in Kliaa. What fantastic students, well done!! Extra special thanks to our volunteer teachers Yassine Ajaha, Anne Smyth, Robert King and Natalia Fernandez Lopez for their hard work and dedication throughout. Brilliant job guys, thank you so much 
Photos of the Teaching Team and Nuordin Bendriss
Below we have Susanna Shanti Alman donating on behalf on Nelanie H. Chellaram 
and the SIS team much needed materials to our Women’s sewing group in Kliaa in Morocco. 
Thank you so much for this generous donation. 
(Photo of Nuordin Bendriss, Mari & shanti)
Photos of the team with the Children. 
Whenever the RifCom team visit villages (douars), the children become so excited it is sometimes difficult to get things done. So here we are entertaining the children of the douar so our volunteer teachers can set up our learning English program with the adults without interruptions. It is a difficult job to keep the children entertained so huge massive thanks to Louise Gould, Susanna Shanti Alman, Leah Bell-jones and Domien Doms, thank you so much for doing such a fantastic job

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