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Chanting calms the nerves, purifies the emotions, heals the body, and opens the heart. It elevates and concentrates the mind, preparing one for silent mantra repetition, meditation, and communion with the Divine.

To the spiritual seeker there is a further purpose and benefit to chanting. It is a calling of the individual to God for protection and guidance. Chanting done with such a devotional attitude lifts the emotions towards selfless, divine love.

Throughout the ages individuals have sought to realize the spirit within through music and sound vibration. This practice has been developed in many of the world faiths and traditions. Generations of ancient and modern yogis have also developed this practice, calling it Kirtan and using the Sanskrit language.

Chanting is primarily a devotional practice, but its basis is scientific. While in deep meditation, yogis in tune with the higher spiritual reality experience certain subtle sound vibrations. Each of these sound vibrations, or mantrams, corresponds to a particular form or quality of the Divine.

By repeating mantrams with care and concentration, one can experience greater health, happiness, peace, prosperity, love and light-and ultimately attain realization of the Supreme Truth.