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Light Everywhere


By Nalanie Chellaram

Light is everywhere, all around us! The light in a child’s face, the light in a warm smile, the light of compassion, the light of love. The light on the leaves after the rain, the light on the leaves glowing under the moonlight. The light in the waves like diamonds glittering under the flow of the sun. The warm flow of light flickering on the waves from the wonder of moonlight. The light in a handshake, the light in a friend, the flash of light in anger, the light in the eyes of an enemy. Light is in everyone and in all things.

Sometimes we go through life with blindfolds. We seem to be so wrapped up with “things to do” that we forget to absorb the ´ “things we are”. It seems we move around mechanically, working through one job to the next, one relationship to the next, one desire to the next. A never ending wheel of doing and wanting. It goes round and round until we become so dizzy that we collapse with stress, anger, frustration or dis-ease.

If only we could just stop with every moment… feel the light in every action… savouring every morsel of life as a miracle of God, light and love. A glow will fill our hearts like the glitter on the waves on a perfectly sunny day. The waves carry on their movement to and fro, sometimes crashing against the shore, sometimes humming against the rocks and beach. However it moves, it does not matter, whether the movements are smooth or rough the glitter never leaves it.
Very often we feel obligated to do certain duties but we do them not from our heart but because we want praise or for people to think well of us. This kind of action or selfish obligation produces a feeling of repression or false goodness. When we go through the “things we need to do” with thoughts of selfish obligation we miss the glitter in them. When we love the duties, good or bad is of no consequence- then the light of that love fills our hearts with such a warm glow.

Why would we need the fruits of the actions when the action itself is filled with fruit? Likewise, God’s light is always shining on all of us-good or bad. We just need to remove the blindfold and the light is already there.
Om Shanthi

“The spirit knows that it is all a play but the mind has forgotten”