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Lotus Prayer

You are the One who makes the sun shine,
the moon shine, who makes the stars shine,
who makes the fire burn.
Kindly lead us to that light of wisdom and remove
the darkness of ignorance, enlighten our hearts.
Help us experience that Light within and without.

Help us see the same Light, the same Spirit dwelling everywhere
in everything, or to be more accurate, as everything.
Help us to understand You and You alone
through all these various forms and names,
through all these different approaches and ways of worship.

Help us recognize the central unity.
Help us realize we are Your image, Your children,
no matter what the diferences are.
Let us behold Your Spirit running through all.
Give us the strength and courage and capacity
to experience that Peace and Joy
and share that experience with everyone.

Help us to get away from these selfish temptations
with which we are creating all the differences,
all the fights, and all the wars.
We have suffered enough due to our ignorance.
Please guide us to know our brothers and sisters
and to know that we are all parts of your family.
Enlighten our paths O the Light of Lights, Lord of Lords.
Help Us, Guide Us.