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Meditation Postures

In The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, “asana” is defined as a steady, comfortable posture. Such an asana is very necessary for deep meditation, because at that t:ime the body should not be a hindrance and should be easily forgotten.

Meditation postures are designed to enable the body to find its own center of gravity, so that it can easily be transcended. The spine is held erect, with the head, neck, and trunk in a straight line. The chest is well-spread out. By keeping the spine in a vertical position, the nerve current can easily flow through the different nerve centers and awaken the psychic forces.

Instructions follow for several standard meditation poses. The first five are for cross-legged positions. The last two are for those who have difficulty or are not comfortable sitting cross-legged. Select one meditation posture and learn to sit in it. Begin by sitting for five or ten minutes at a time and gradually increase the period. As you become more established in your asana, your meditation will become easier and deeper.

lotus-girl Ardha Padmasana inversions_053_BW vajrasana
 Full Lotus  Half Lotus Comfortable Cross Legged  Vajrasana