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Meditation is excellent for our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. We are constantly bombarded with so many different ideas and concepts on who we are, who we should be and what we should be doing. Many of us get very confused and lose sight of our direction in life. By sitting quietly and taking the time to contemplate and meditate we see things as they really are as opposed to our perception of it, which is probably very biased and one-sided. Also, many of us are plagued with emotions such as fear, guilt, worry, greed, jealously etc. that make us feel very uncomfortable.

It is vital that we confront these issues logically and deal with them. If we don’t they will constantly take control of out lives. We are given the intelligence to be able to decipher our thoughts and emotions. But how many of us actually make the time or make the effort to do so? Thoughts make up a person and thoughts have amazing powers. With Yoga one is taught to discipline and harness the thought waves. Our minds are like computers and we have to be strong enough to input positive data and sublimate or destroy viruses by our command. In Yogic texts the mind is described as a drunken monkey, stung by a scorpion and possessed by demons!!! Yoga is that science which is available for us to tame the monkey mind.

Through meditation one can grow to understand one’s emotions and generate them positively so that one can live an easeful, peaceful and useful life. Life is so short and it is so important to live it to the best of our ability. We can only do that when our minds are peaceful and our goals Divine. When we respect and treat all things as our family, a great peace enters the heart. Ultimately, we are all connected. Loving is so much easier than hurting!!!

In order to experience this peace it is most important to forgive and let go of past angers and disappointments. Just close your eyes and observe how it makes you feel when you are upset with someone or some situation. The answer will be obvious. Now, try and observe how you feel when you think of someone you love. See the difference? So it is so very important to be at peace with the world and especially yourself.

It is so important in this modem age of massive advertising and media control to know which path to take. That is why introspection is so vital. In order to verify something, we have to experience it ourselves…nobody can to that for us. We can be given instructions and led but, ultimately we make the choices.

That is why Yoga is a science. Follow the instructions, see how you feel. If it works great! If it doesn’t do a thing for you…find another path. Remember always that the goal is to maintain one’s peace.