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Our Projects

Integral Yoga Gibraltar (Project AKIN-SIS)
Refurbishing of an old church into a nursery school

All funds came from donations at the Integral Yoga Gibraltar.

SIS Project
Children sponsored in Sri Lanka
by Children’s & Nalanie’s Talks/Classes GHH and Ulla’s Sangha in Estoril

Project AKIN-SIS

These three children are sponsored by Integral Yoga Gibraltar

“These are the kids SIS is sponsoring they convey their greetings to you and the members of SIS. They say they will do their level  best in studies and want one day to be very helpful to the government of Tanzania and needy kids in Tanzania.

The first photo is Saidi, the other two are Charles and Kulwa. Charles is dressed in green. They wish you all the best and thank you very much for helping them.” – C. N. Masanja on their behalf.

Project AKIN-SIS
Neema Samweli, a young girl sponsored By Jenny Janaki McDonald from Swindon and GHH Classes