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Weekly Words of Wisdom

  The Joy of Doing “When you do everything for the sake of doing, for the joy of doing, as a dedicated act for the benefit of humanity, not just for your benefit, you retain your joy. Don’t ever think you get joy by doing. No. The joy is in ...

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Affirmation by Nalanieji Harilela Chellaram

‘The true spirit of love lies in the way we live our lives. Words have no effect when there are no actions to make them real. How can there be a song without a singer? Where is the melody without the tune?’ (An extract from Nalanieji’s book ‘Divine Grace’)

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There will be a one off guided Kid’s Meditation at IYC on Tuesday 3rd November at 4pm-4.45pm.  For age 5+. Parents are also welcome to join. For further information please contact Namrata at +35058009578

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