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If You Have Faith   “Nothing is impossible if you have hope, if you have faith.  If you have faith in God, even if you have nothing, you have everything.  Our understanding is really very limited. For a long time I had this saying on my stationery: ‘It’s all Your Name. It’s ...

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Natasha (Nalanieji’s Granddaughter) and her two friends organised an dinner for charity, which was a total success.  Photos taken at the event. Also featured is Talia, Natasha’s sister who has Mitochondrial Disease. Write up about the event.   More information at the below link:-

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In April Nalanieji travelled to the UK and appeared at the Beltane Bhakti Gathering 2017. The Beltane Bhakti Gathering is an annual event held at Gillinham in Dorset, UK.    This short clip gives a taste of the Festival.  The music is by Bhavana.   Published by Les ...

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