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Raja Yoga Course Testimonials

16/02/15 – 20/02/15


We are so Lucky to have met Nalanieji in our lives, even luckier to spend 6 days in the Company of a instrument, of the Lord of Love.” IT” lives in the room we share, during the course.  Nalanieji is a living being among us, who shines the light on us, and bathes us in the healing light of the Lord of Love.  There is Love and Support all the way, when Nalanieji makes the 2000 years old teachings  of Patanjali, come alive, and makes us all realize that we all come from the same source,- we all need the same guidance.  We start to transform our pain into joy and wisdom, when we spend time with, Nalanieji, and Patanjali.  I am so Grateful for the transformation, of the way I see and experience the World.

If you ever take this course, be ready for miracles – be ready to see yourself, and your Family, and surroundings, start true healing.

Also be ready for experiences you could newer in your life put words on.

Forever Grateful & Forever Love


Katy Matto

I would like to take the opportunity to give special thanks to Namarta and Krrpa for your hard work and determination in making the RYFC possible. I would also like to thank Nalanie for providing me with an entire week of Bliss, one which will be cherished forever.

I can positively state that the week beginning 16th of February 2015 was absolutely fundamental to my spiritual growth. I have been supported with the greatest knowledge, tools and most importantly reassurance to continue on this beautiful spiritual journey.

I can see clearly now that ever since I can remember I have wanted answers about Life, Death and I have forever been trying to find the link between Me and religion, hence my interest in religions other than Catholic. About a year ago the universe collaborated with me and through a most loved family member led me to some life changing spiritual authors.

As I informed my self and broadened my knowledge I asked for more, I actually spent days, weeks and months researching, thanking God, or the universe for the internet for enabling me to meet such a vast amount of spiritual teachers and teachers of science. The universe sent me people and some beautiful friends who share the same interest and are on the same journey. So within a few months from beginning this journey I was gifted with a wonderful network of people to help me along my journey.

When I heard about the RYFC through one of my most beloved friends, I could not believe it because at the time I was actually looking to do something similar abroad, which seemed almost impossible.

Having had attended Nalanie’s talks on Wednesdays I had high expectations for the RYFC course and I can honestly say that my expectations were exceeded. Through the teachings of the sutras I was better able to understand and experience enlightenment: being with the self, loving and understanding the self, hence feeling God within.

Three weeks after the course and I find myself accepting life experiences and surrendering to ‘what is’, enjoying the peace and space within me through watching and controlling the mind.
Thank you all for being part of this most memorable experience. My great family!


 Arianna Mirpuri

The week we had the course was definitely a life changing experience. I was looking for a change in my life and I accomplished it after the Raja Yoga course. It was interesting to realize the way we live and how we can achieve happiness only by changing our thought patterns, not easy, but with the tools we got from the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali it is possible. We made new friends and bonded all together, we all became a big family and shared our feelings in a way we never had. A special thanks to Nalanie Chellaram for explaining these sutras in an easy way and sharing all the stories that helped understand the essence of life. The knowledge we can get from the sutras is amazing and I will be practicing for a long time, without a break and with all my heart. Thanks!

Arianna Mirpuri 


I heard about the Raja Yoga course during one of Nalanie’s Tuesdays talks in Sotogrande.  I have been attending the Tuesday talks for almost two years now and it has changed my life enormously particularly my perspective on daily situations and how I now handle them a little better.  I felt encouraged to do the 6 day course as a possible means to tie up some of the many lessons I have learnt from Nalanie.

The week ran from Monday to Saturday, offering Hatha Yoga on a voluntary basis in the morning and then “classes” from 9:30am onwards.  The day ending around 4:30pm.

The coursework covered some the famous Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, one of the classic yoga texts (at least 4,000 years old) as taught by Sri Swami Satchidananda.  Not only having the privilege of been taught these famous Sutras, the course is also run by NalanieChelleram who worked closely with and became one of Sri Swami’s disciples nearly 30 years ago.  How fortunate to have this opportunity right here in Southern Spain/Gibraltar.

Nalanie is an incredibly talented speaker, teacher and spiritual leader.  Her ability to explain the sutras in an enjoyable and understandable way that we can relate to in today’s living, is incredible.  Her years of experience and detailed knowledge of not only the Sutras but Yoga as a whole is very notable.

I highly recommend the course to anyone that is looking to learn more about “good living”, get a control of the ever busy mind thoughts that we all have in today’s society and ultimately aiming towards achieving physical, mental and emotional harmony.

Common quotes that come to my mind daily are:  “as you think, so you’ll become”; “a perfect action is one that causes no harm to anyone, some benefit to someone, yourself included!”; “live a peaceful, easeful, useful life”; “good luck, bad luck, who knows!”; “Gandhi preached truthfulness, non-greed and non-violence”.  To name but a few! 

 J B

I have gone through a life changing, divine experience here in Gibraltar.

The Yoga Sutras that I most connect with are Non-Violence and Tapas. Non-violence came from the self-less love from my Mothers, my Birth mother and my Mother (adopted Mother). Sharing my love and light with others, and the world, is my passion as well as through teaching little children. This is self-less love and service in its purest form. Tapas is a part of life; sacrifice and suffering. I was burned by the very people who I worked closest with…..It hurt me deeply, to the CORE of who I am, what I believed in, felt and knew was right. I had to burn for purification, I had to forgive. I had to love selflessly, I had to be STRONG. The opposite positive to suffering is peace, which I found, when I let it all go.

I experienced God during the week in Gibraltar at Saint Mary’s Chapel, where I was called back to my faith of origin. Monday, I was reminded to be grateful for myself, to always remember to love myself, all of myself just as I am. Tuesday I visited the Chapel for the first time, I saw the pink outside of the building and it was as if I was being drawn inside. I sat down in a pew, and saw the statue of Mary looking up at Jesus on the cross. I felt an overwhelming sense of gratefulness for my Mothers for both of their sacrifices throughout my entire life. Wednesday, I returned to the Chapel, and felt extremely blessed for my fiancee, and future husband. He is the light and love of my life and is my Guru. While knowing this, one day we will also become obsolete. It is important in understanding that you can still love selflessly, but with non-attachment by being able to let go. Letting go could be anything, for me, it was allowing my partner and trusting him to go and teach for a year apart abroad in Spain. Even though this was difficult (bringing more tapas!), it allowed us to grow individually and grow with each other to strengthen our relationship. For example, a bird is beautiful, but you can’t keep it in a cage, IT has to be FREE in IT’s own way. Thursday, I returned for my final visit to the church where I witnessed a baptism. Baptism to me, symbolizes purification with water. Here I renewed my baptismal promises along with the family that was present. I felt so thankful for God, inside of me and in my life guiding me on my path.

I am SO grateful and thankful for this life changing experience, and to be a part of IT with all of you; I dedicate this post to all the wonderful people and friends that I made during the week, I truly felt at home. I have found my truth, go and find yours:) besos 

 Jordan Davis

Here goes!

I have always been the kind of person with very low self esteem as i thought that i was not worth anything and would always be on my own and no one would love me for who i am. After being in a toxic relationship for nearly 13 years i now accept that i was part of that intoxication due to my insecurities and having someone beside me that would feed those insecurities and vice versa, jealousy, obssession, lust, anger, hate and control but never pure love. I hid myself away from the world, i even shoved aside my own family to make this person happy as how i see it now she was mine and i was hers ( error ). Ofcourse there were ups and downs and i used to blame myself for it as i was always at the other end of the finger that was being pointed and used to agree that it was me. That person was not me, i used to agree to things that i in my mind and heart would never agree to but i would go ahead and do it to avoid disappointment and rows. During that relationship i also became ill and had to have two spinal surgeries as i ended up in a wheelchair and that was devastating as the person i had married for better or for worse was not prepared to accept that i had what i had, so i did it again and instead of prioritizing my illness to get better i turned the other way and just forgot about myself and focused on trying to save the relationship  again ( error ), but the way i saw it and felt it was to have a stable family home for the only good thing out of this relationship, my beautiful princess Julia and also opening my eyes once and for all. I can now say that after pursuing this journey for a long time i am finally on it and refuse to go back to what broke me as that was not Jordan as all of you know me, my mask has come off and my heart and mind are set on living a peaceful life full of love for my loved ones, joy wherever i may go, light within me, strength to overcome difficult situations and tackle them with patience and awareness coz i have found that taking that route it really pays off even without expectations. I am a happier person full of life and ready for what the universe has to offer me and those around me, and i must say that this is a daily learning process and that each day is a new opportunity to start as i live day by day, let go of what was, embrace what is with love and gratitude and who knows what tomorrow will bring, i don’t coz it is not here yet. Finally i can say that i love myself and that refelects on my family and friends and during the RGYC i have met beautiful souls and each one has touched me, inspired me to keep going and suddenly my family has increased tremendously as you are all close to heart, every single one of you. Godbless, Peace, Joy, Love and Light to all, lots of Love

Jordan, Namaste xxxx  


The Raja Yoga course was something I had wanted to do for a long time – and now that it is complete, I can honestly say that it is a life changing experience. To be surrounded by such positive peaceful souls with high energies was very uplifting. One particular quote that aunty Nalenie had mentioned which stuck to me was “if you hold back on life, life will hold back on you.” My frightened mind was always holding back because of insecurities, comparisons and negativity. It was always showing me the limited. So one of the most important teachings for me was that, when this happens, I can look within for the infinite divine light to give me the wisdom and strength necessary for any struggle on my path. Om shanti, Love, Sonal 


Special thanks to Nam and Krppa for all your hard work in organising this course.

The course came to me after one of Nalanie’s talks at the IYC I had been looking to do something like this for quite some time. I had been seeing Nalanie on one to one sessions and attending Wednesday talks and going to Hatha sporadically on and off after my separation 3 ½ years ago . Whenever I stopped going something kept pulling me back. I am a Christian and have always strongly believed in God but I needed something more, I needed to fully find myself and start loving myself. My separation had a devastating effect on me and I honestly thought at times that I would not make it. Thanks to Nalanie and a great network of friends I got through…..yes I made it ☺

When I heard about the Raja Course happening on my doorstep I was ecstatic because this was what I really needed to finally get me on the right track. The following words are an extract of a song that I totally identify myself with.

“I can see clearly now the rain and clouds have gone, I can see all the obstacles in my way.Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind I know its now going to be bright sunshiny days. I know I can make it now the pain is gone as I have found a way to make the bad feelings disappear. Here is the rainbow I had been praying for and my rainbow was this course and the beautiful people I have met and which I have made my new extended family.

Lots of Love Peace & Light to all Namaste xxxxxx